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Sweet words from wonderful customers
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WOW!!! The photos are fabulous. I can tell you that we shed tears watching them. Thank you for giving us memories of this moment for life. 

A huge thank you for everything, once again. We so appreciated your support throughout this day, and even from the beginning.

You have made a noticeable difference. We had lots of comments from the guests that they greatly appreciated your approach and they felt super comfortable, me first! 

Josée makes you say that she finds it very terrible that you went back to Quebec, she would have adopted you haha! My dad thought we already knew you, since that clearly clicked. He kept asking about you, "Your friend taking pictures there". 

In short, thank you thank you very much! I can't believe this is our last contact! 

If you're ever in Montreal and you're looking for people for a coffee, brunch or whatever, we're up for it :)

Elizabeth & Joannie, September 2021

Wow Cathy.... Thank you so much! We are so happy with these photos, and to have chosen you as a photographer for the most beautiful day of our lives! You really knew how to honor the atmosphere that emanated from the wedding, you knew how to capture the emotional and funny moments and, of course, wonderfully the complicity that emanates between us, but also between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. By looking at each of the photos, we were able to relive each moment. We even remembered some that we had forgotten! The style of your photos, the colors, the compositions are exceptional. And what about you! You were able to meet our needs, be present among us as if you were an old friend, advise us adequately for poses while letting us be ourselves.

Jessy & Simon, December 2019

Cathy was absolutely WONDERFUL! I'm so happy with my photos - they're just beautiful. Cathy was there all day, kind, reassuring and enthusiastic.  My husband and I had never taken professional photos, so we were a little nervous, but she got us right away made comfortable. She found the most beautiful places and had lots of ideas, but was totally open to our suggestions! Despite the rain (or partly thanks to it?), our photos look magical, the colors and the light are perfect... But my favorite thing is how she managed to capture the happiness of this day on our faces. Just looking at the pictures still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for capturing this unforgettable day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Véronique & Kevin, September 2019

Since the beginning of the preparations we had a big crush on Cathy. She is a photographer who knows how to put us at ease and bring out every detail we have worked on. Thank you for your availability and the advice you gave us during the preparations, thank you also for your calm and your dynamism on the wedding day. We really felt confident with you.

Thank you very much Cathy for our wedding photos, they are perfect! 

Marjorie & Jonathan, June 2018

Oh beautiful Cathy!! My husband and I fell in love with this incredible photographer! She immediately knew how to put us on a comfortable bed, from the engagement photos to the wedding and she will undoubtedly be our photographer when I have a nice belly.  put all your trust in his hands!

Élodie & Charles-André, July 2018

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