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2nd edition (yay!)
October 24-25-26, 2022
At the Manor of Lac Delage


This is an event for photographers; and you don't even need to bring your camera!


Do you feel like you've walked around the garden? 
The impostor syndrome, the comparison, the feeling that you lack the tools to be the entrepreneur you want to be?


CNPUW was created with a benevolent approach.  We want you to see something other than the classic Workshops!

You've had a ton of creative workshops that focus on shooting, posing, and image processing.

You focus so much on developing your skills and talent in PHOTO, but little in ENTREPRENEURSHIP.


Being a solopreneur brings its own set of challenges; growth management, customer service, ALL of our business tasks, accounting; all the daily poutine and the unexpected weigh heavily on your shoulders. 

What was initially just a passion for photography turned into a COMPANY. 


Did you know that a company headed by a better-equipped manager is more likely to survive?   Did you know that only 60.5% of small businesses with 1 to 4 employees survive after 5 years of activity and it drops to 42.5% after 10 years*?


Take the leadership of your company and take care of its leader.

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CNPUW this is for you if you

  • Dream of a moment of your own, to refocus on your business. 

  • Want to share with other photopreneurs about your reality.

  • Want to come home with a concrete toolbox to take your business further.

  • Wish to get out of your slippers and get (a little) stirred.

  • Have the feeling of being an impostor, even after several years at the head of your business.

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b (4).jpg

CNPUW this is not for you if you

  • Think that passion and a positive mindset have nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

  • Just looking for a hotel to spend 2 nights without the children (yes it's a plus... but it's not just that).

  • Don't be 100% convinced that owning your own business is the greatest thing in the world.

  • Believes that the group experience does not provide more value than it should.

Key activities with
our guest experts

Laurie Therrien

From when we are rich?! 

Financial planner and outstanding popularizer, Laurie talks with simplicity and dynamism about your financial health.  

Your personal financial health is at the heart of your professional success. 
It's simple and possible to have financial strategies in place to have a good quality of life now, but to ensure your future. 


Growth management: the skills to develop to manage yourself and your business!  

Enlightening, facilitating, unifying, fully present and committed to living an aligned life.
She accompanies modern entrepreneurs in the co-creation of intentional strategies so that their actions align with fluidity and clarity to their personal vision of success.

During her workshop, Mélissa accompanies you to develop your limits so that your growing business is your playground rather than a burden.  

She will help you workON  your business, rather than just workingINyour company to develop real leadership in order to choose the growth you want.


Valerie Bidegare


What if the ideal mom didn't exist?

Being self-employed when we are parents is the dream. A direct journey to freedom, with no return! After all, we are masters of our schedule, right?

However, the reality is quite different. The mental load becomes heavy to bear, to endure. How to catch your breath? Balancing self-employment and family life is a matter of balance. In this workshop, journalist, author and lecturer Valérie Bidégaré will present examples, anecdotes, possible solutions, advice, in an atmosphere that invites discussion.

Molly Francoeur

Mind your own business! 

Molly is an accounting technician and brown really isn't her color!  She's an entrepreneur like you, passionate about optimizing accounting. His specialty: new technologies! 

Bookkeeping, taxes, incorporations. Words that make you shiver in horror but will be tamed and simplified by Molly!
It will give you tips on how to create a simple and effective accounting ecosystem adapted to your business. 




Annie Simard oct20.png

Annie Simard
Accompany more, work less!

In this workshop, I share with you my secrets for smooth, personalized customer service that will save you time!  With my tools and my Workflow, I am able to anticipate questions , to anticipate needs and also sell more without having the feeling of being a salesperson. I'm showing you how, you're gonna freak out.


I'm so excited!  Words fail me to tell you how this event lives in me.  I've been thinking about creating more tools for a while now. on entrepreneurship for photographers.  

We often neglect a whole aspect of the management of our business. We put aside the happiness of having a healthy business.  Being a solopreneur should give us the freedom to choose our projects.  I can't wait to grow with you.

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Cathy Lessard
Your business cycle.

Summer is hell, winter is dead calm.  You question yourself every season for such different reasons._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ What do we do? I want to give you tools so that you can understand your cycles, and live positively the ups and downs of each season of your business so that you can live them with so much more zenitude and take full advantage of them._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I will not hide from you that since I accompany my colleagues to solidify their company, I dream that they will be paid for their talent, that they allow themselves to have the quality of life they want and that they understand how much talent they have!  

I'm freaking out that we will see each other as a gang, cultivate our solidarity, around themes that are so close to my heart!  Wow!

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This year, we wanted to give you even more!  We are committed to helping our colleagues develop and take care of them.  We had the pleasure of developing our skills by helping and accompanying more than a hundred photographers in recent years.

It is for this reason that we will be offering 2 additional workshops, by none other than:  



Eh yes! We'll be your speakers for an hour!  To talk about topics related to our photo companies.

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Retreat location 


We are pleased to welcome you to the Manoir du Lac Delage,

Located 15 minutes from Quebec City.


You will love recharging your batteries there in the company of colleagues who dream of a moment to take care of their inner CEO. 

You have the option of accommodation in a single room or in a duo with a friend/colleague of your choice!


Meals, spa and peaceful nature included. 

You can visit the mansion HERE

G (5).png
Horaire CNPUW 2022.jpg
b (4).jpg

Festive evening between us!

Let's celebrate in style! 

After a transformative day, why not take advantage of the presence of colleagues to eat, drink and celebrate? 


A 3-course dinner, atmosphere and ESPECIALLY the opportunity to have fun, to relax! 

In short, a wedding, but no bride and groom and NO PHOTOS! 

Pssst!  I was told there would be a surprise in the evening! 


last year! 



What's included 

* Accommodation 2 nights in single or double occupancy,

* 2 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts at the Manoir

* Coffee breaks

* Activities: spa, swimming pool and Mini-Putt

* 6 Workshops 

* Official event notebook

* Free WIFI  

*A Facebook group dedicated to the event.

* Alcohol at everyone's expense.

* Parking included



Upon registration, a first payment of $350 +TX. is required to reserve your place. 

The balance will be payable 2 weeks before the event.  An invoice will be sent to you.

The total price varies according to the accommodation chosen;




Milaine Latulippe

Mélissa Miron and Alexe Martel taught me a lot and just staying at the Monastery did me so much good. Meeting all the beautiful people that I have also met, discussing our lives as photographers and our lives in general. Getting out of my routine, thinking only of myself, dressing smart, laughter, laughter, laughter, wow. You have touched on several spheres of my life, more than just the photographer in me, and that's magic.

Julie Leveille

Thank you Cathy and Annie for your professionalism throughout the adventure. You managed this with masterful hands and you were very generous with your knowledge. Many thanks! You are exceptional!

Andree-Anne Joly

The ideal place to take a moment for yourself, but above all to take care of your business! Significant workshops that are there to put you back on the right track. In short, this stay was a key moment to answer my questions that I had and get back on my X before the next high season.

Connecting with our colleagues my god it was hot, being on retreat day and night like that, I flipped over how fun it is! I would go back tomorrow morning! Wow wow wow and wow again!!!!! Thank you so so so beautiful women!! Everything was perfect ❤️❤️❤️

Veronique Moisan

I could have written only 'I love you, congratulations!' because I love Cathy and Annie and because they deserve all the applause in the world after putting together this magnificent "workshop-which-is-not-one". But I will add that if you have any doubts, if you go forward-backward-forward, if you're new to the field, if you've been rolling around for several years, if you bite your nails before each high season, if you ask questions, if you feel alone, if you need to get out from behind your screen, if you lack inspiration... if ALL THIS or even JUST one of these statements applies, CNPUW is there for you. And I advise you to be there this year!

They tell you about their experience;

Joanie Houde

A memory of the 2021 edition

I want to be alone with me;
Single occupancy 

Total price: 1,199+tx

SStay in complete comfort in the newly renovated rooms of the Manoir!  The comfort of a grand hotel in a place surrounded by nature reminiscent of a weekend at the chalet.


  • Intimate room in single occupancy

  • Complete private bathroom

  • Hairdryer, mini-fridge, coffee maker, television.

  • Central air conditioning

  • Smoke-free environment


Find yourself a friend;
Double occupation

Total price: 999+tx

SStay in complete comfort in the refined and contemporary decor of a room fitted out in perfect harmony with the heritage character of the place.


  • Intimate room in double occupancy (2 double beds)

  • Complete private bathroom

  • Hairdryer, mini-fridge, coffee maker and TV.

  • Central air conditioning

  • Smoke-free environment

Congratulations on your decision. 
The following button will take you to the registration form. 

You haven't found THE answer to your questions? 

You can contact us on our various social networks or here by email;

The answer will be sent to you within 48 hours

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